We believe that as students enter Year 9 they should have the opportunity to increase the hours in the arts subjects that they enjoy the most. This allows students to be able to develop a deeper skillset and passion for their preferred subjects. This will not limit choices into Year 10 for their GCSE studies as students will still be able to choose subjects that they may not have studied for a year in Year 9.

The options programme in Year 8 is an integral part of the curriculum at SUA and it has been well received by students who report that they enjoy spending more time in their favourite arts subject for the year.

Please find attached a letter and powerpoint about the subjects available.

Option A

Students will need to choose one language subject which they will study into Year 10 and 11

Option A
French Spanish

Option B and Option C

Students will need to select one subject from Option B and one subject from Option C. They will also need to choose one reserve subject from Option B and one reserve subject from Option Block B.

Option B Option C
Art Drama
Catering Design & Technology
Design and Technology Music
Drama Catering
Social Sciences Dance

For further information about the options process or general enquires please contact

Mr Washbourne

Director of Curriculum

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