The Book
Thief Readings

The Book Thief Readings


Chapter 1: Death and Chocolate: 

Chapter 2: Beside the Railway Line

Chapter 3: The Eclipse

Chapter 4: The Flag

Chapter 5: Arrival on Himmel Street

Chapter 6: Growing up a Saumensh

Chapter 7: The Woman with the Iron Fist

Chapter 8: The Kiss

Chapter 9: The Jesse Owens Incident

Chapter 10: The Other Side of Sandpaper

Chapter 11: The Smell of Friendship

Chapter 12: The Heavyweight Champion

Chapter 13: A Girl Made of Darkness

Chapter 14: The Joy of Cigarettes

Chapter 15: The Town Walker

Chapter 16: Dead Letters

Chapter 17: Hitlers Birthday, 1940

Chapter 18: 100% Pure German Sweat

Chapter 19: The Gates of Thievery

Chapter 20: Book of Fire

Chapter 21: The Way home

Chapter 22: The Mayer's Library

Chapter 23: Enter the Struggler

Chapter 24: The Attributes of Summer

Chapter 25: The Aryan Shopkeeper

Chapter 26: The Struggler, Continued

Chapter 27: Trickers

Chapter 28: The Struggler, Concluded

Chapter 29: The Accordionist

Chapter 30: A Good Girl

Chapter 31: A Short History of the Jewish Fist Fighter

Chapter 32: The Wrath of Rosa

Chapter 33: Lisel's Lecture

Chapter 34: The Sleeper

Chapter 35: The Swapping of Nightmares

Chapter 36: Pages from the Basement

Chapter 37: Death and Liesel

Chapter 38: Wood in the Afternoon

Chapter 39: Max

Chapter 40: The Handover Man


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