Oftentimes, the workload of A-Level studies can be stressful. However, at SUA6 we understand the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance; your mental health is just as important as your physical health. That is why every single one of our students will get at least one hour a week on their timetable to participate in a ‘wellbeing’ session.


Our wellbeing programme has been hugely popular and our students are given a wide range of activities to participate in:

Arts & Crafts:

Is creativity your thing? Unwind by taking part in the art session. Drawing, colouring & origami are all on offer as a creative option for you to explore.



If you fancy something a little more high-brow, documentary hour may be the option for you. Guided by student feedback, we’ve been able to offer a diverse range of documentaries from wildlife, to travel, to sport and everything in between.



Sometimes it’s just nice to switch off for an hour and let yourself be transported somewhere else. With a range of feel-good films on offer, you’re bound to leave this session feeling a little bit lighter than before.



Some people like nothing more than spending an hour with their favourite book, that’s what you can do here. Strictly a work-free zone (don’t let us catch you with a textbook!), get your favourite novel out and lose yourself in the pages.



If you like to relax by flexing your mental muscles, rather than your physical ones, you could always unwind with our puzzle session. We have a large array of sudoku, crosswords, number puzzles and jigsaws. Certain to leave you with a sense of satisfaction when you finally crack the answers.

Mixed Sport:

Maybe you like the idea of something a bit more active; use your wellbeing hour to get that feelgood factor by getting your endorphins flowing. Badminton, volleyball, futsal, basketball, table tennis and more are all on offer in our mixed sport session.


Fitness Suite:

Another option for those that prefer to unwind with exercise. Make use of our fully-equipped fitness suite and work towards your fitness goals. If you need some pointers, of one of our PE staff will be on hand to offer guidance and support.



Use your wellbeing hour for yoga; work on your balance and flexibility with guided sessions. Guaranteed to leave you feeling zen.



Exercise in style with our dance session. Whether you’re alone or in a group, you can take control of the creative process and choreograph your own dance piece from start to finish in these student-driven sessions.



Lower your stress levels, improve your focus and reduce brain chatter with an hour of meditation. Just one hour a week can leave you with a sense of calm, peace and balance that can boost your mood and emotional wellbeing.