Knowledge Organisers

SUA approach to mastery learning with the development and implementation of Knowledge Organisers. To enable you to easily access your Knowledge Organiser, both during lessons at the academy and at home, it is now contained within your planner.

Why do I need a Knowledge Organiser?

A knowledge organiser sets out the most important, useful, and powerful knowledge on a particular topic area, all onto one or two pages. We do this for every subject you study. With the content demands of courses at secondary school, they are a useful tool for you to use in a classroom, but also at home as an independent study tool. We know that you will find them a useful source of information while you are studying from home.

How should I use it at home?

Read through the subject sheets and pick out the key information- you could even highlight it. Look at the middle sections and try to answer some of the questions/ challenges on a separate piece of paper. You could even ask someone at home to test how much you’ve remembered!

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