Homework at Staffordshire University Academy


  • For Year 7, 8 and 9 your teachers will ask you to complete a task from the ‘homework task grid’ of the knowledge organiser. These tasks are all linked to revision strategies that you should try in preparation for your GCSE courses.
  • To complete your homework you will use your knowledge organiser in addition to any other information you may wish to research.
  • You must keep evidence of all of your tasks to show to your teachers.
  • The homework is created in a series of stages, you cannot complete the same task twice for any one subject until  you have tried them all. Therefore throughout the year you will have completed all of the different tasks. Your teacher may request that you complete a task from a certain stage.
  • This homework is the minimum you will be doing, your teacher may request an additional piece of work to be completed related to your subject, this must be completed additionally.

How often will homework be set?

  • The amount of times you are asked to complete an activity from the task grid depends on how many times you have a subject. For one lesson per week subjects you will be asked to complete two activities per half term, for subjects where you have more than one lesson per week you will be asked to complete four pieces of work from the grid and additional subject related tasks.

When will my homework be collected?

  • The amount of times you are asked to bring in completed homework will be dependent on the number of times you have a subject. For one lesson per week subjects you will be requested to bring your completed homework in a minimum of once per half term, for subjects where you have more than one lesson per week you can expect to be asked to bring in your homework twice or more times.
  • Your class teachers will make a display of your work to showcase the excellent work that has been produced.

How will this help me?

This style of homework has a number of benefits
  – It allows you to have some choice over your homework tasks throughout years 7-9.

– It ensures that you begin to practise a range of revision strategies throughout years 7-9 so that you are more prepared when you complete your GCSE courses and know which strategies work for you.

-It will help improve knowledge of the various subject areas through using your knowledge organiser.

How will the academy support me to complete my homework?

  • Homework can be completed in the library at lunchtimes where you can use the computers to research and complete presentation work if you chose to do so.
  • Your teachers can provide you with record cards or flash cards, paper and highlighters if you require these.

Click here for Year 7, 8 & 9 homework grid

Years 10 and 11

Years 10 and 11 students follow their chosen options and, as such, the amount of homework expected will increase. There will be occasions during the year where workload appears greater, particularly near examination periods. Students will be expected to complete homework for all subjects. Homework is set twice per week for the core subjects (English, maths and science) and once per week for option subjects.  Most homework tasks should take approximately 30 minutes per subject. Closer to exams all students will be set revision tasks to do for homework.

Knowledge organisers

All students in all year groups have been provided with knowledge organisers.  These will be used to support homework.  Students may be asked to learn a particular section or they may be set questions on information provided in the organiser.  It is expected that students will learn all of the content on each subject’s knowledge organiser each half term and they will be tested on this understanding in lessons.

Sixth Form – Years 12 and 13

In the Sixth Form students study 3 or 4 subjects. Level 3 courses are very challenging and require a much greater degree of independent learning / study from students. Homework and /or assignments will be set throughout the academic year. Students should be completing work, outside of lesson time, for between 3 – 5 hours per subject each week. They should also be consolidating their knowledge and revisiting units previously covered even when not directed by teachers.

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