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Week beginning Monday 16th December - Year 11

It has been an unbelievable busy term for Year 11.

We have had visitors to help us to prepare for our GCSEs in the form of Elevate Education and Stretch Education. David Hyner from Stretch Education was particularly motivational and we really enjoyed hearing him speak.

We have been supported by our teachers with a large number of period 6 lessons, these take place after school and are a good way of revising and preparing for exams.

In October we took part in a vote for a Year 11 Campaign. This meant we had to pick a song, a slogan and some commitments for our Year group to follow. The song we picked is “Believer” by Imagine Dragons, our slogan is “Success is Not a Straight Line.”

In November we took part in fundraising events for Children in Need and supported Anti Bullying Week by wearing odd socks for a day. We are also extremely proud to have had a non-uniform day in aid of Mind UK, raising awareness of mental health and raised over £500 for the charity.

December has been all about our first PPE exams, which, at the time of writing, are just coming to a close. This has been a lot of hard work and preparation but will give us a good idea of our strengths and areas for improvement that we can work on in the New Year.

On a lighter note some of us were involved in the Christmas Concert this week and it was lovely to see so many people come to watch the talented performers of SUA.

On behalf of everyone at SUA we hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

By Ellis Preece and Edie-May Burke

Week beginning Monday 9th December - Year 10

Football Mad!

Our Year 10 football team have struggled to get a full team together during the last couple of years. This year Mr Tatton has organised a team and entered our Year group into the district league. Despite a heavy defeat against Cheslyn Hay in our first game we galvanised the troops, put in a great performance with a narrow defeat against Netherstowe.

Justin Bird, our left winger made a sweet run through the defenders then slotted it past the keeper! Despite conceding four goals and all of our defenders lacking experience, our back line is gaining more confidence every day.

The next day, we had our first home game against the Friary, and we won our first point! It was something for the team to take away with pride after a late equalizer from George Carnell. This result was also aided by the heroic goalkeeping performance of Kyle Langston. We are not only hopeful for the future, but also thankful for the support, faith and managerial brilliance that Mr Tatton and the other teachers have put into us this year. 

It’s been amazing to have more sporting opportunities at SUA this year.

Written by the Year 10 Football Team

Teaching and Learning

Lately in Year 10, we have been non-stop revising for certain exams such as English and Science; some people in the Year are also doing Health and Social and Sports Studies. Even though we were originally expecting these exams on Wednesday 4th and Thursday 5th, academy leaders have moved them to February. This is to support us with our revision and due to other exams going on in the new year. In our classrooms we are going to be doing little assessments for the end of term to see how we are progressing: this feedback will really help us to prepare for the mocks. We’ll be revising hard over Christmas!

During this term, we had a visit from Ofsted and although we were very terrified of them talking to us, we are very pleased with how it went. On the other hand, we still have not had the report given back to us but we are excited to hear the outcome for our wonderful academy!

We’re enjoying our lessons at the moment, especially important subjects such as PE where we get to play a sport of our choice and just have space and time to relieve our stress before our upcoming exams. The teachers in the departments are very helpful when it comes to our mocks; they have given us a lot of support and supplies for the exams. Thank you!

In two weeks’ time we are having a Christmas jumper day to end our term ready for Christmas. What will we wear?!

Written by Jayme and Ruby

Week beginning Monday 2nd December – Year 9

It has been an extremely busy few weeks at SUA. Ofsted have visited us to see how much our academy has improved since our last inspection in 2016. We all pulled together as Team SUA and are awaiting the final report to be published.

Professor Carl Chinn gave a talk on ‘The Real Peaky Blinders’ to members of the public on Wednesday 27th November. The event was well attended by both students, staff and members of the public who thoroughly enjoyed discovering our local history.

The extracurricular timetable has continued with rehearsals well underway for the academies upcoming production of Guys and Dolls! The year 9 football club have been working really hard and have upcoming matches and a tournament in the following week.

Written by Ella Davis and Jared Ball Year 9

Week beginning Monday 25th November - Student Takeover Day

When the day started on Friday 22nd November, we knew we had a busy, exciting day ahead of us. As soon as we arrived we collected our badges that was proudly presented with our name and job title. We walked to briefing. Throughout briefing, our assigned teaches gave us our notices to read out.

Our first meeting, soon came and we talked how to improve our school. We agreed, we disagreed until we knew what was right. Our meeting came to an end and the papers were finally ready. Time to see what was next.

It was time to go to the hall and have photos with the teachers we were taking over. Then we gathered, we had a group photo. Then we had our second meeting which was suggesting ideas that we came up with as a team.

We had a fun time from the teacher point of view seeing other students work and correcting their good work.

Our final hours came upon us and it was our last time to meet. We concluded our meetings and finished our last piece of work. A fun day must come to an end. Hopefully we will attend this again.

Written by student takeover - senior leadership

Week beginning Monday 18th November – Year 8

SUA has been a very eventful place over the past two weeks. Thanks to some very special visitors, we have a lot to talk about, so let’s just jump right into it!

Remembrance Day

Last week, we had a very special visitor, called Professor Carl Chinn, who came in to tell us about Remembrance Day and The Great War. When we asked our fellow Year 8s about the assembly, one person stated

“I felt excited to watch it”

and another shared a quotation they remembered from the talk that read,

“They shall not grow old, as we that are left grow old:

Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning

We will remember them.”

It was very eye-opening to learn about the origins of The Great War and the impact it has had over the years and around the world. We also held a two-minute silence to honour the soldiers who gave their lives.

Children in Need!

Last Friday we celebrated Children in Need by hosting a wonderful amount of stalls and students had the chance to buy from those stalls at lunchtime. Every tutor group made a stall so we had a lot to choose from! So, to everyone who took part, we say thank you for donating to a good cause! Nationally, Children in Need 2019 raised £47.8 million pounds; at SUA we don’t know how much we have raised yet but we tried really hard and are excited to hear the final figure. The day reminded us that Team SUA, is more special than ever imagined.

This Friday is Takeover Day and to all the people who are taking part or the people who tried to sign up, we applaud you. Enjoy!

Thank you for reading.

Written by Jonathan Corns and Taylor Harley Year 8.

Week beginning Monday 11th November - Year 7

Last week saw the academy return to business after a well earned half term break. There have been an array of things going on both in and outside of the academy.

This week saw 78 Year 7 students attend the annual Year 7 residential. This year the venue was much closer to home at Whitemoor Lakes. The students who attended completed an action packed 3 days of activities  which were designed to unite Team 7 and help develop positive relationships within the year group, support teamwork, resilience and a host of other personal skills that the students will not only need within their educational career but out in the wider world. Pictures of this can be found on our academy Twitter page @suaupdates.

This week also saw the Year 8 football team find themselves scoring goals for fun. The football team worked hard to score the most goals that they have ever scored in a single game (5), however this was still not enough to win the game. We are all extremely proud of the way the team conducted themselves during the game.

Our extracurricular timetable kicked off again this week, where there are a whole host of lunchtime and after school activities available to keep our students busy within their unstructured time. Students can find the timetables within the PE department and on the screens around the academy.

This week also saw the return of our partnership with Walsall Football Club. Our partnership with the football club is now in its second year and is growing from strength to strength. We thank Paul for his hard work and inspiring ways to engage our students throughout the lessons. We also saw the return of our female football coach (Charlotte), who works with our female footballers on a Friday after school; yet another exciting opportunity provided by our partnership with Walsall Football Club's Community Programme.

There are some exciting times ahead for our Year 11 students. This week they voted for their exam campaign motto and song. The work that Mr Kirk has been completing with the Year 11 students has been about ensuring that they are aware of the importance of their exams and providing them with the vision, encouragement and support so that they are able to perform to the best of their abilities when the time arrives.

Finally, every child in the academy was provided with this terms knowledge organiser, students are expected to carry this document around with them at all times as it is designed to assist them with their learning both inside and out of the academy.

We hope you have enjoyed reading the Team SUA blog this week. We look forward to addressing you all in this manner again in the future.

Kind regards

Year 7

Monday 4th November 2019

Hello and welcome to the first of our new blogs which have been taken over by us, the students. We are part of our democratically elected academy council which we were appointed to following a vote earlier in the year. Our council is made up of two students from each year group and we bring forward ideas and discussion points from our year council meetings which we hold with our form reps.  This blog will detail some of the items we discussed at our recent academy council meeting.

We discussed our view on teaching in the academy and we were all in agreement that we are finding maths and science lessons more engaging and challenging this year. We were all in agreement too that behaviour has continued to improve in our lessons and around the academy.

Next, we were asked which charity we would like to support for our non-uniform day. Following the assemblies we have had recently and the high profile work around mental health, we unanimously decided upon MIND as our charity which we are all really happy to support.

Finally, we were asked whether there was anything else we would like to learn more about through our CHARACTER programme and assemblies. It was suggested by some students that we could learn more about LGBT and we all agreed that this is something we would like to know more about. We were pleased then that this was talked about in assemblies the next week and will be introduced more into our learning.

Thank you for reading our blog, we look forward to updating you with more exciting developments throughout the year.

Academy Student Council

14th October 2019

Dear Families

As we rapidly approach the end of this very busy half term, we wanted to inform you that the students are taking over our academy blog! Year Council representatives and Academy Council Representatives will be responsible for putting together a weekly update for you all. We are really looking forward to reading about life at our academy from the perspective of our students.

Best wishes

Team SUA


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