At SUA all of our students receive the greatest teaching and learning experience. Lessons are planned to be thought-provoking and generate curiosity and inspiration. Students are taught to achieve the highest level of knowledge and skills and are encouraged to demonstrate this to a sophisticated level. Our curriculum planning, which is carefully sequenced over a seven year journey, has six key priorities that focus on the learning, enjoyment and success of all students. Our broad and ambitious curriculum does not alter for students with disabilities or SEN.

At Key Stage 3 lessons will focus on teaching through the pillars of mastery and will be challenging for all students. Learners should leave mentally exhausted through the passion that has been bestowed upon them from our teaching. Lessons will always have a focus on thinking hard, metacognition tasks and memory retrieval strategies will help encourage deeper learning of content.

At Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 students enter the qualifications phase of their learning, throughout this time are given opportunities to deepen their thinking with a series of application tasks and challenging activities to match the rigour required of them for their exams. At SUA we are relentlessly focused on making our students lifelong learners.