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Week beginning Monday 16th December - Year 11

It has been an unbelievable busy term for Year 11.

We have had visitors to help us to prepare for our GCSEs in the form of Elevate Education and Stretch Education. David Hyner from Stretch Education was particularly motivational and we really enjoyed hearing him speak.

We have been supported by our teachers with a large number of period 6 lessons, these take place after school and are a good way of revising and preparing for exams.

In October we took part in a vote for a Year 11 Campaign. This meant we had to pick a song, a slogan and some commitments for our Year group to follow. The song we picked is “Believer” by Imagine Dragons, our slogan is “Success is Not a Straight Line.”

In November we took part in fundraising events for Children in Need and supported Anti Bullying Week by wearing odd socks for a day. We are also extremely proud to have had a non-uniform day in aid of Mind UK, raising awareness of mental health and raised over £500 for the charity.

December has been all about our first PPE exams, which, at the time of writing, are just coming to a close. This has been a lot of hard work and preparation but will give us a good idea of our strengths and areas for improvement that we can work on in the New Year.

On a lighter note some of us were involved in the Christmas Concert this week and it was lovely to see so many people come to watch the talented performers of SUA.

On behalf of everyone at SUA we hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

By Ellis Preece and Edie-May Burke

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Academy Prospectus

Welcome to
Staffordshire University Academy

Welcome to Staffordshire University Academy, where we Aspire, Believe and Achieve! As an academy, we are constantly improving; as the new Head Boy and Girl, we are enthusiastic to be a part of this community and input new ideas.

Since Year 7, we have seen the academy grow and we have experienced this. The main growth being within leadership. The schools senior leadership team regularly hold Parents’ Forums to discuss ideas and trial changes. Working alongside the senior leadership team is the sixth form leadership group which works to gather students’ opinions and voice these to staff.

Within the academy, we offer a wide range of enrichment programmes, both educational and recreational. Year 7s gets involved in REP Theatre projects, Walsall FC regularly come into the academy, whilst Year 10 get involved in work experience and in Year 11 students have a range of opportunities to support their studies. Year 11 and Sixth Form also have a chance to gain extra qualifications in subjects such as finance and the extended project qualification.

While at the academy students can study GCSEs, Level 2 BTECs and V-Certs, also if they choose to come back for further study we offer a range of A-Levels and Level 3 vocational qualifications. Having both chosen to come back we feel passionate about the teaching here at the academy. Staff are knowledgeable in their subject and inspire students in their lessons.

In our opinion, the academy has become the best in the area, especially for the careers programme and the opportunities that the academy provides. The support, environment and enrichment which is offered to students helps us to achieve our best and reach our full potential.

Recently the academy has had an Ofsted visit and the comments were very positive – we were pleased to have inspectors come and see the great work that is going on. We invite you to the academy to view us in action and see the opportunities which allow students to realise their potential.

Katy Booth and Kian Beddows

Head Girl & Head Boy


Here at Staffordshire University Academy we’ve got plenty to offer; our excellent facilities in our modern building, brilliant careers department (one of the best in Staffordshire) and exiting academic opportunities. In sixth form, we have our LEADERSHIP programme which encourages us to work closely with the lower years of the academy to further their learning as well as ours, it also encourages us to set up charity events, involving the community as well as local and national charities. As well as this, our committees meet and try and make improvements within the academy wherever possible.

We are all proud to be part of this academy and delighted to be part of the student leadership team as we now have the opportunity to give something back to the academy that has supported us for so long.

Megan Crutchley & Holly Baker

Deputy Head Girls


Staffordshire University Academy

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