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Academy Uniform

Important notes:
• Plain black shoes means no Vans, Nike trainers or any other brand of black trainer
• Boots such as Dr Martins should not be worn around the academy, students can wear boots to and from the academy if the weather is bad, however, a plain black shoe is expected during the usual academy day
• All academy uniform and P.E. kits should be named to avoid being lost
• One or two small sets of studs in each ear, a watch and one ring may be worn
• Facial or any visible body piercing must not be worn. For example no lips, eyelids, necks, noses or hands should contain piercings
• Hair styles should be conservative. For example students are not allowed patterns razored into their hair and are not allowed to have their hair dyed in bright unnatural colours

If any student is not in correct full Academy uniform they will either:
• Be sent home to change if we are able to contact a parent / carer
• Be able to borrow spare school uniform from the academy
• Be placed in the Inclusion Centre until their uniform is correct