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The academy seeks every opportunity to celebrate success with our students.

Personal success can come in many different forms. Students will be awarded points for demonstrating high standards in the following areas:

  • Class work
  • Attendance
  • Punctuality
  • Uniform
  • Effort
  • Good behaviour
  • Helping staff
  • Homework
  • Taking part in after-school activities
  • Having the right equipment

Throughout every lesson of each day, all students will be given an ‘Attitude to Learning’ grade. The grade given will either award or deduct Attitude to Learning (AtL) merit points as outlined below:

  • Grade 1 ‘Outstanding’ – 2 AtL merits
  • Grade 2 ‘Good’  – 1 AtL merit
  • Grade 3 ‘Concern’ – 1 AtL merit
  • Grade 4 ‘Serious Concern’ – 2 merits

The AtL merits points that students achieve are banked each half term. To ensure the process is fair for all students, it restarts every half term enabling all students to start from the same point.

Students who gain an adequate amount of AtL merits are invited to participate in an event at the end of each half term. This will include a variety of exciting opportunities as requested by students through the Student Council. At the end of the autumn, spring and summer term the reward events will involve a visit out of the academy.

Pastoral Coordinators within the academy will reward individual students or a whole form group in their year, based on their AtL grades and attendance. The reward varies each half term and examples include a movie afternoon, form party, disco or free breakfast.

The Senior Leadership Team within the academy recognise the excellent qualities demonstrated by our students by awarding them with ‘Pride and Respect Merits’. Students collect these in the aim of gaining a Bronze Award, followed by a Silver Award and the most exceptional students work towards a Gold Award.