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Home Learning Project guidelines:

Home Learning Projects are set on a fortnightly basis with two subjects setting an assignment each fortnight.

HLPs are more detailed tasks that promote a deeper understanding of a chosen area. Every subject will set HLPs except for Spanish and Maths; homework will be set regularly in these subjects, at least once a week.

In addition to HLPs English will also set short SPaG focused tasks, this is to support the Academy's work to further improve literacy and English skills of our students. Parents are asked to complete a short feedback summary at the end of each HLP.
Homework guidelines:

In KS4 students are normally expected to spend a minimum of 60 minutes on each homework task.

Homework should be completed on time and produced to a high standard. Students should plan when they are going to complete homework so that they do not end up leaving until the last minute.

Practical subjects may set alternative homework such as practising instruments or attending an after school rehearsal. In the run up to exams / assessments students may be set revision in addition to some written tasks.